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Who is the Uber of Education?

Have you heard about disruptive technologies? Like Uber and self-driving cars for taxi drivers, Airbnb for the hotel chains, and I could go on and on. Disruptive technology is the innovation that creates a new market, and disrupts an existing market, displacing market...

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One of my favorite words. So I was happy and relieved when I read an article from Lucy Kellaway from the Financial Times who writes: “bullshit is my meat and potatoes”. I agree with her wholeheartedly. Bullshit is a very important word and I work on building a public...

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Your success incubator – Part Two

This is the content I really want to talk about, BUT for you to understand my point, the Part One is essential. So, if you haven’t read it and haven’t watched the video series yet, please complete that bit, otherwise the following won’t make any sense to you… * * *...

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Your success incubator – Part One

We can define success in many different ways: money, power, fulfillment, happiness; you name it. Whatever it is for you, the proper constellation of few different things is needed to be successful in life. The biggest question is, what are these circumstances? Let’s...

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