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What job is right for me?

Don't decide what job is right for you without reading about this Young Entrepreneur and Forbes’s rich list? I want to do the best for my son, Dom who is 21 and a computer science student at Leeds University. What advice should I give him for his question “What job is...

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30 day Happiness Challenge

I start a 30-day Happiness Challenge with my SFM members on the 1st of September 2018. It doesn't matter when you are reading this post you can start it any time of the year. There isn't a particularly good time to be happy, it can be any time 🙂   The point is...

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My income from the internet

Although SFM and DEA are not all about money (the personal development and the community are as much important or more), I thought I share some of my financial results with you.  So, I became a student of SFM in January 2017 and started my digital education straight...

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