About Dr Bela

Short Introduction

I am Dr Bela, a medical doctor, entrepreneur and a deep-seated ‘out of comfort zone’ person. I had a very comfortable life in Budapest, Hungary as SEO of my own clinic where we have performed more than 70,000 mole checks on 35,000+ patients, saving hundreds of lives in the past 14 years using my self-developed technology

Still, driven by my entrepreneurial genes I decided to move to London to establish our screening technology there. It was like planting seeds on a stone: without knowing anybody and the market itself, we moved over with my family. After two years, we had invested over £250,000 ($300,000+), but the business did not turn profitable. Very close to the sensible decision of giving up and moving back, a patient of mine invited me to his private health club in West London.

He showed me around and when we arrived at the beauty department, I shared my vision with him. That was a major defining moment of my life. I told him that with his location and my expertise, I believed we could make a really professional MediSpa here. To my delight, the next words out of his mouth were “what do you need?”. The rest is history.

Now, this is my fifth year there and we have built up a very successful practice. I have the best workplace I could imagine. There are two swimming pools, a gym, a sauna and a number of other luxuries within a 20-meter proximity of my office. I have a family-like relationship with my patients and I really enjoy my work and life.

When did I Go Digital?

I went digital for the first time 14 years ago, when I funded my mole clinic company on a so-called tele-dermatoscopy technology, which was quite new that time. After an initial examination and photography of moles, the pictures can be sent digitally to experts without having the patients moving around to different clinics. This way they can get the highest expertise independently from the geographical location where they had their moles checked.

So, my patients and I have been enjoying the benefits of the digital world for a while now.

More recently, going digital and joining Six Figure Mentors was a radically different experience. I have finally realized the real opportunities of the internet, and I feel that my eyes are now fully open to the huge potential available to all of us:


– limitless market size (practically the whole English speaking world)
– infinite amount of products to sell (including your own if any)
– digital tools, effective techniques & proven best practices
– geographical freedom (you can work practically from anywhere in the world)
– personal development (you should learn and develop your skills to be successful)
– automation (systems working for you 24/7/365)
– leverage (you can multiply your capacity)
– community & mastermind (peer to peer learning and mentoring with like-minded people)
– totally self-sufficient
– no previous skills or knowledge required


So, I encourage you to explore this new world and I am happy to give you guidance if needed.
You can go through the same video series that launched me on my digital journey, just enter your email address down the bottom of this page. You will learn the fundamentals of what this takes from experts, like Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, the co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors.

Enjoy the ride 🙂

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What can I do for you?

I get paid to recommend the tools and coaching programs that I know, trust and use. These are the same products and services directly responsible for the success I have had to date. As such, I do not charge to coach and mentor my students on their digital lives. So, feel free to contact me and enjoy the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur first-hand.

Open up, challenge yourself, dare to dream big and be ready to leave your comfort zone!

My Roles

Medical Doctor

I graduated at the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest in 1998. In 2004 I completed my qualification as a specialist of Dermatology with an excellent degree. I worked in the National Institute of Oncology’s Dermatology department for six years before I founded my own clinic in 2005. As a medical doctor, I am devoted to health and I follow the principles of Holistic Medicine: good diet, physical activity, positive mindset, lifelong learning and a high overall quality of life. I live what I preach.

Cosmetic Doctor

My passion project. As a cosmetic doctor, I empower my patients with their best look for their age. I give back their confidence, self-esteem and a more youthful look. They look better and feel better. The work itself is artistic and takes me out of time and space. Whenever I treat, I feel great. More than anything I enjoy my patient’s reaction when I hand over the mirror and see them look at themselves in a completely new light…

Trainer & Mentor

I am the foundation level Botox & Dermal Fillers trainer and mentor for the Harley Street Elite Training Academy. Teaching takes one to a higher level in their profession. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and skills to my students, in both the medical profession and the digital space of online business


I’m driven by a never ceasing inner force, always looking for opportunities, investments, best practices, new skills and anything that can take me and my community to the next level.

NLP Practitioner

Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of the best inventions of human kind. It deals with the very ways in which the human brain operates. One of the main principles is “show me somebody who has mastered a skill, reverse-engineer it, and then make a model to allow someone us to achieve the same results”. We call it “Best Practice” in the medical world. This is exactly how Six Figure Mentors works, and it is one of the main reasons I joined SFM.

Digital Consultant

I deem my digital consultancy as part of my medical work, which is about improving people’s lives. Digital skills and the opportunities of the digital economy can substantially transform someone’s life. If you are ready to explore I am happy to assist you. This is my other passion project.


Regular physical exercise is extremely important in many ways. It keeps the body and the mind in good shape, it builds character, it lowers insulin resistance and it’s fun. I am proud of being a sportsman and I owe my success partly to this.

Family Man

My family is the ultimate meaning behind everything that I do, their happiness and safety means everything to me. The Digital Economy provides me with substantial ways to future-proof my family.

My Vision

My vision is a world where individuals take responsibility for their health and future; and they make their choices accordingly. Good health is fundamental for happiness in life. Open and flexible mindset, physical activity, the Mediterranean diet and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, are the fundamentals of good health.

Future-proofing ourselves means the utilization of our talents and acquisition of skill-sets, which provide us flexible choices and leverage in a changing world. Skill-sets that allow us to work around our passions and on our own terms.

My Mission

Wake people up to the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, and show people healthier options and ways of living.

Wake people up to the benefits of a self-challenging, self-reflecting, flexible and open mindset.

Wake people up from their status quo and show them a world full of opportunities, where they can build a lifestyle around their own terms. Go Digital!

Health, proper mindset, and working with passion are the fundamentals of living a life of happiness and fulfillment.

My Values

EMPATHY: Connecting with my patients and students, understanding them, and providing them with the best of my knowledge and skills to heal or improve. This is the corner stone of Medicine. 

CURIOSITY: Keeps me moving forwards and always exploring new ideas.

DISCIPLINE: Whatever we do, we need to keep at it until our actions yield the results that we’re looking for. Disciplined persistence is key.

LIFELONG LEARNING: When you think that you no longer need to learn, then you will become a dinosaur. And as we know, dinosaurs are extinct!

HAPPINESS: Constant happiness does not exist, but we need to strive to have as many happy moments as we can. Happy moments are the result of our investment into our health and our skills.

SERVICE: Being able to care about my family, friends, patients and students and experiencing the impact of my service in their lives brings me happiness and fulfillment.

OPENNESS: With an open mind, we are able to explore new opportunities, learn about them and make informed decisions based on good understanding. Being open means no judgement.

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