About Brigi

Ex-Busy Mum

I arrived to the UK with my family in 2010, with very basic English language skills. I had a dream though. I wanted to be a beauty therapist and with hard work I have made this dream come true.

I worked 6 years in a private Medispa in West London. Sounds good, isn’t it? And it was good, because I lived my dream, but I was very busy all the time, booked back to back with clients, little or no breaks, sometimes even had no time to drink or pop in to the loo. And despite having a lot of responsibilities (working with lasers) I was underpaid and undervalued. So, I slowly but surely lost my passion entirely. I also was wondering what would my future look if I keep working like this. Better not to imagine that….

Another aspect, as a mum, it was always difficult to organise everyday life, holidays and half terms. I felt guilty to leave my daughter at home, because after a while she didn’t want to go to camps. We don’t have big family here and you cannot rely on friends all the time either. 

Why did I decide to pursue a digital business?

My husband, who is a medical doctor and entrepreneur suggested me to learn about the digital economy, where I can build my own business around my passions. It means that I can live my life along my own terms and values. To be completely honest, it didn’t go from one day to the other for him to persuade me to leave my job. I was scared about leaving a ‘secure s**t’ for the unknown, taking responsibility for my own stuff and building something from scratch.

But he persisted and kept talking about all the benefits and advantages. Obviously, I can work whenever I want and from anywhere, because an online business can be built and managed from a laptop (from home or a coffee shop or a beach…). I can leverage computers and build processes that work for me 24/7 without being there all the time. It all sounded good. So, eventually I quit my job.

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel” – he said. Many people has gone down this path before me so I just needed to find a reliable ‘school’, mentors and a community where I can learn everything, I can ask, I can join mastermind groups and making mistakes is encouraged. So, I joined the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) where my husband was already a member, so I knew a lot about it anyway.

I went through the training modules, which built me up from the very foundations gradually to more advanced skills needed in the online world. I learn something new everyday. I become a part of an international community of likeminded people. Making progress every day, getting closer to my goals step by step makes me happy. When I face hurdles and challenges I have a whole community to turn to with people at all different levels of the business from newbies like me to those who have already built up 6 or 7 figure businesses. The community is amazing. People help each other. 


My biggest challenge

It is so far to gradually change my mindset. I think this is difficult for everyone. In order to reach your goals you need different habits, need to take different actions and develop a new mindset as well. And you need to keep working on it every day.

My whole family is involved in the digital world. Even my daughter has her own YouTube channel. Our living room looks like a studio 🙂

Honestly, I think this is the future. To work in your own terms, spend quality time with your family, and additionally making an income is the best combination. If you are a busy mum, you will love it.

So take your first step, be open minded and enjoy the journey. See you on the other side.

Advantages of a Digital Business

– limitless market size (practically the whole English speaking world)
– infinite amount of products to sell (including your own if any)
– digital tools, effective techniques & proven best practices
– geographical freedom (you can work practically from anywhere in the world)
– personal development (you should learn and develop your skills to be successful)
– automation (systems working for you 24/7/365)
– leverage (you can multiply your capacity)
– community & mastermind (peer to peer learning and mentoring with like-minded people)
– totally self-sufficient
– no previous skills or knowledge required.

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What can I do for you?

We get paid to recommend the tools and coaching programs that I know, trust and use. These are the same products and services directly responsible for the success we have had to date. As such, we do not charge to coach and mentor our students on their digital lives. So, feel free to contact us and enjoy the guidance of experienced entrepreneur like my husband and myself first-hand.

Open up, challenge yourself, dare to dream big and be ready to leave your comfort zone!

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