Don’t decide what job is right for you without reading about this Young Entrepreneur and Forbes’s rich list?

I want to do the best for my son, Dom who is 21 and a computer science student at Leeds University. What advice should I give him for his question “What job is right for me?if I want him to be a happy and successful person?

Jake Lee, this 20 years old self-made online entrepreneur says 

On the other hand, looking at statistics from the Forbes rich list paints a different picture: Of the 100 richest people in the world, 75 have a degree.

My name is Dr Bela, I am a dermatologist and entrepreneur in west London and I was wondering what the best career advice could be that I can give to my son, what job is right for him or any youngsters who want to figure out how to live a happy life which has an impact bigger than them.

Traditional career path: have a job, become an employee

Let see the traditional way what society tells us to do: “go to school, have good grades and have a good job and if you work hard you can accumulate enough wealth to enjoy life when you retire”.

But there are major issues with traditional jobs or the 9 to 5 career path. Basically, since you are working for someone else on someone else’s dream you cannot really relate to that work or product and after a couple of years down the line you completely get burnt out, you lose the enjoyment of work and life, you get stressed and experiencing anxiety or depression and it can happen as early as the end of your twenties when you still have another 40-50 years to go. According to studies 80% of people hate their job and this is why.

This burnout impacts your excitement, joy and love of life and it affects your relationships too. Loneliness, regret, failure and depression follow. This journey robs you from truly tapping into your full potential and having a life which is really authentic to you.

Change is not easy once you have taken this career path

You know as a doctor I meet people from many different walks of life so I have heard and seen many stories. As you get older it is getting more and more difficult to get out from the corporate world because you will be afraid of being judged by other people for doing something different and getting outside the “norm” or you might think walking up the corporate ladder and making more money could fix the problem, but it couldn’t.

After a while, the pain of continuing down that path of being an employee, suffering from stress and anxiety finally can force you to make a change. Although, the older you are and maybe having a family by that time makes it even more difficult to do so. Hence, now is the time to think about your job and what career is right for you.

Creating your own destiny and taking control

If not the corporate career and being an employee, then what? Becoming an entrepreneur? Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

There are two main directions in the entrepreneurial world that you can take. The traditional brick and mortar business and the relatively new online or digital business. So here is your original question again: What career is right for me?

The brick and mortar business career path

When you consider the traditional way (ie. a coffee shop) which usually requires a storefront, physical products or services, requires employees, substantial upfront capital to invest, so lots of overhead that bring your margins down. It requires you to be there in a day in and day out basis – just like an employee – to actually overlook the operation that nothing really goes wrong and most importantly they are not very scalable because you have only a local area to sell to. Is this the job right for you?

Digital business career path

The other option is an internet business (affiliate marketing, e-commerce, Youtube channel monetization or digital agency to mention a few examples). It doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars to get started like most traditional businesses. It is scalable because you can leverage the global market, and it can be run on systems so you don’t need to sacrifice your time to run that business all the time. You can build a highly profitable online business from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it doesn’t require staff or any of the traditional overhead and it is something that you can start from the comfort of your home part time around another business or university. Are we closer to the career that is right for you?


What career advice I have given to my son?

And here we get to my point, the advice I have given my son about the right career for him. Go to university because it gives you the ‘skills of learning’ and hopefully useful skills to get started in life. We are living in a very rapidly changing world with automation, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) around us, so it can easily happen that we need to re-create ourselves multiple times throughout our lifetime, which requires flexibility and transferable knowledge. We have to learn how to learn and adapt our skills quickly to new territories.

Start building your Digital Business

My best bet at this point is building an internet business gives you the best start in life, so this is the right career for you with or without a degree. It gives you flexibility, there are endless opportunities in the online space that you can consider, you can make an impact and fulfil your potential. Furthermore, you can leverage computers, technology and other people to do the hard work for you and the only thing you need is a laptop and internet connection.

Obviously, you need to learn the skills which takes a bit of hard work and determination, but it is so worth it because when you know how to use the internet to work smarter you can live your life according to your own terms… and you don’t need to wait until retirement to really start living your life.

A real-life story: the transition from the ‘traditional’ to the ‘digital’

I found out about the opportunities of the digital economy two years ago as a medical doctor and introduced my son to this world over 6 months ago. Now we share our journey, we learn together and help other people too to tap into the booming digital economy and create a life of freedom for themselves.  

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The single most important thing they did, they took that first step. So click the link, get the free videos, watch them with an open mindset and take your first step to create your life for yourself according to your own terms. This is my best career advice for my son and for you as well. I hope by now you are closer to finding the right career for you.

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Do you need to take a career quiz at all?

The Digital Economy is so enormous and versatile that whatever your personality type is, you can find your best fit or niche. Start your journey, learn the fundamental skills, enjoy the ride and as you proceed you will find out which direction suits you the best. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.