I start a 30-day Happiness Challenge with my SFM members on the 1st of September 2018. It doesn’t¬†matter when you are reading this post you can start it any time of the year. There isn’t a particularly good time to be happy, it can be any time ūüôā
The point is simple: we all want to be a bit happier.
There are 3 attributes of the human brain that make us unhappy:
Negative bias: it has been an evolutionary benefit to think negatively.
Compulsivity: our brain generates 60k thoughts a day whether we need them or not.
Internalisation: our brain keeps these thoughts internalised and makes it very difficult to get rid of the useless ones.

What is the challenge?

During the 30 days of the challenge we are going to do the following things daily or weekly:
1. Meditation (daily): calms down the mind and makes us happier, smarter and live longer. 
2. Gratitude journal: express our gratitude in handwriting daily which brings positive energy and vibration, which manifests or attracts positive events into our lives (law of attraction).
3. Mental trash out: externalise our thoughts once weekly by writing them down on paper and deciding what is going on inside and what we need to focus on or trash out.
If you do it for 30 days there is a good chance that they become a habit.
This is my first time doing this challenge, but like other things in life, if I take action and do it properly it is going to work. 
Also, if you do it, please let me know how it impacted your life.
Take care,