Why online business?

What is the advantage of an online business compared to the brick and mortar one?

  1. you can build and run it from anywhere
  2. no need for huge capital outlay or employees to start
  3. you can build it part-time along your main job (if you have one) until the income replaces your salary
  4. there is unlimited income potential
  5. you can automate yourself
  6. you can build it around your passions or hobbies

It sounds good, doesn’t it?

What do you need in order to be able to build a successful online business?

You need:

  1. new knowledge and skills
  2. technology to create content and manage your subscribers and sales funnel
  3. mindset shift(personal development: confidence, authenticity, vulnerability, etcetera)
  4. your work, effort, time, dedication, and perseverance
  5. mentoring to save a lot of pain and prevent giving up
  6. community of like-minded people to rely on

This is the nature of the universe we have to invest in ourselves in order to have a better future. Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You have to invest and change if you want a better outcome (future). We have to sow seeds in order to harvest crops, so we need to invest in seeds, work, time, and knowledge how to do the sowing properly.

I want to put a little Disclaimer out here: I am in a different position as a medical doctor and entrepreneur since I have always invested a lot of money and time in myself. My experience shows that it definitely works; this is the way forward. So everything I say is theoretical. This is how I would do it if I didn’t have money.

With absolutely no money

I am not sure if it is possible because we need to invest in some technology to record content and manage our subscribers. In today’s world you can find knowledge and skills on the internet for free and you can put your effort, work, and time in for free of course.  But the most important thing for real progress is mentoring, which is never free.

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So if you don’t have any money, you need to find a job or borrow some in order to be able to make a minimal investment. Desperation and debt are very good motivators that keep you taking action.

The minimal investment route

My best advice, in this case, is to follow Gary Vee who gives away his best knowledge for free, although buying his book is a good investment and saves you a lot of time. Gary Vee teaches you how to build your personal brand over time with a lot of work and dedication, which can lead to an income from the internet within 3-5 years if you really persevere.

It doesn’t sound easy though, does it?

A little more capital to invest

The best way is to find a proven working model and a mentor from whom you can learn all the necessary skills and have hands-on guidance when it becomes hard and overwhelming.

I am a member of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) for 18 months now and have made amazing progress so far. It is interesting, though, that many people simply don’t see what is in front of their eyes when they watch the introductory training video series (you can subscribe for the free videos here). You should have an open mindset.

You can get in SFM with a $30 investment. You can watch the first training module, have me as your mentor for free, and join my Tuesday webinars where valuable content is shared with my members. This is a minimal investment for great value.

The winning position

The level of investment or level of membership in SFM where you can make real progress is the essential membership, which entails a one-time $297 enrollment fee and a monthly fee of $97. Here you can access all the training modules (over 6,000 of them covering everything you can imagine), take advantage of the multi-million dollar IT platform, and join the online community of motivated high achievers. At this level with all of the knowledge and skills and the mentoring provided by me and other members, you can really proceed. And here is the biggest difference between the Gary Vee model and SFM: you don’t need to wait 3-5 years to start earning from the internet because you can do it after a couple of months of initial training straight away, which gives you the sense of success, motivation, and more money to invest.

Obviously, at higher levels in SFM, which is the DEA (Digital Experts Academy) membership, you can have personal coaching with very successful people building their 7-8 figure businesses. But this is something you need to invest in.

And finally, when you already have the digital marketing skills there are absolutely free ways of marketing (such as blogging) and there are other ways that cost money (such as Facebook or YouTube). So you always have the option to choose the most suitable modality for your situation and budget. In general, the free methods always require more work and time from you.

So, if you want to change your life and start your journey with me, just click the link below

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See you on the other side.

Dr Bela