I sent out a video a few days ago with Rebecca, my Mastermind partner talking about what she has gained from her SFM membership and our mastermind so far.

If you have missed that you can read/watch it again by clicking the link below:

An honest statement from my mastermind partner

This is my turn now.

You can watch my reply to Rebecca talking about what I have gained from my SFM membership so far by clicking on the image below.

So, what have I gained from my SFM membership?

  1. A new concept, an unknown world and opportunities: the stuff that you can learn in SFM about the digital economy, e-commerce, affiliate marketing and many other things were a completely unknown concept for me.
  2. My mindset expanded: we can achieve anything in life provided that we have the right skills and tools, the right mindset and we consistently take action.
  3. New concepts: such as leverage, automation, scalability, geographical freedom, etc.
  4. Self-confidence: our personal journey is a very important part of achieving financial freedom. Nobody wants to be a miserable rich person, don’t you? Self-love, vulnerability, authenticity are concepts we hear and practice a lot in SFM.
  5. My English has improved a lot due to listening to the plenty of learning modules, taking part in calls and masterminds. You are just immersed in the language.
  6. New skills: I have learnt plenty of new skills, starting from video shooting and editing that I enjoy a lot, to digital marketing skills that make you able to earn money from the internet by giving value and inspiring others.
  7. Community: new friendships, learning from people from different walks of lives, masterminding with others which is an amazing asset, accountability partners for our challenges, just to mention a few examples.
  8. Safe place: in SFM nobody will lough on you if you fail or make a mistake during your first attempts in any of your new skills. Vulnerability and authenticity are above all. This is how we can become the best version of ourselves.
  9. Financial security: when you start a new business you run a significant risk that all of your investments will be burnt and you go bust. This is not the case in SFM. Since this is a reverse-engineered model it works for sure. You just need – and really need – to put the work, time, determination in it and you will succeed.
  10. Motivation and encouragement: everybody has bad days. You just need to reach out to the community or listen into a call and you will be lifted instantly ready to go again.
  11. Everyday best practices: from how to start your morning effectively to solving a very special problem in your business.

Does it sound good? Do you like the benefits? Do you think this know-how, skill and mindset, the community, coaching and mastermind can improve your life too? Then don’t hesitate to join us. I take personal responsibility for you. I do my really best to help my members; some of who have become friends.


I wish you all the best,