Is working in an office the best way to help others?

Before answering this question let see some facts about physician burnout.

Based on a recent study published by Medscape, 42% of doctors report burnout and 15% report feeling depressed. This is quite a significant number. Women tend to report feeling burned out more than men did. The job itself was the most significant among the contributing factors, followed by finances, paperwork, too much time at work, and lack of respect from peers or bosses. Whatever the reason is, several high-stress public service occupations have a high rate of professional burnout.

Why does anyone choose to become a doctor or other public servant?  

Because helping and serving others is a goal that brings satisfaction and fulfilment. Do we really know what being a doctor means when we make the decision to become one? I don’t think so. We choose an illusion and a symbol of status which is in alignment with our desire to help others.

Then we invest a ton of time, energy and money in our medical skills to equip ourselves for the job. Then comes the real world, with the endless queues of complaints and sick people who most of the time are ill partially due to their lifestyle and self-destroying habits. We pour our souls out for them to help and treat them, and many times we see the same patient smoking outside a few minutes later just to counteract everything we have done for them. Furthermore, endless documentation, regulations, long working hours and often lack of sufficient financial compensation add up to doctor burnout.

Is your Oxygen Mask on?  

Does this sound familiar: “…make sure that you fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others.” They recommend this during safety briefing independently from the Airline’s nationality or religion.

I would recommend you to do the same. So here is my brief story and then what I recommend you do to fundamentally change your situation and become a passionate and Happy Doctor again.

I am a dermatologist and at my age of 42 came the midlife crisis or physician burnout. I felt purposeless, my life headed nowhere, I wasn’t happy and fulfilled. My initial solution was a career shift, which worked quite well but couldn’t completely sort out the situation. I became a facial aesthetic doctor and started to provide non-surgical treatments, such as fillers and Botox for my patients. I think it is closer to art than medicine and the whole process gives you the joy of creativity, while the patients’ satisfaction radiates back to you. (Interestingly, I never felt this satisfaction from a patient before, even after I had saved their lives by spotting an early stage melanoma…).

6 years later down the line, I had issues again in spite of enjoying my work doing facial aesthetics and general dermatology as well.

Trading my time for money  

I couldn’t get it out of my head that as a medical doctor I trade my time for money and when I don’t work I don’t earn. Furthermore, if I wanted to earn 2 or 5 times more, I should see 2 or 5 times more patients which is not possible. There has to be more to life than working hard and giving up all my time for money.

Now, I have the solution that I am going to share with you straight away. It leads far beyond sorting out your physician burnout. It is something more fundamental. I have got my original passion back or even more. I am a happy doctor who really changes peoples’ lives for the better, and I reduced my medical work by two days to dedicate more time to being a digital doctor. As such, I have automated myself and earn a scalable income now, which sorts out my financial concerns. I could be able to quit my job, but I don’t want that. I like what I do as a real doctor, but my digital presence gives me the opportunity for a free choice. I shouldn’t need to be a doctor if I didn’t want to be one. I choose to be a doctor because I have my oxygen mask already on so now I can help others too.

Become a Digital Doctor  

What have I done? I have discovered the digital economy and how it feels to be a digital doctor.

What is digital economy? The world of the internet; the 3.7 billion people using the net finding solution for their problems, selling and buying things. There is a certain skill set that allows us to use the internet to give value to people, and the rule applies: the more you give, the more you get.

We doctors are born to give and we have amazing values to share.

I have never ever during my career felt happier being a doctor or a public servant than I do right now. I am passionate about what I am doing, happy and fulfilled, earning automated, scalable income that allows me to stay a doctor of my choice. I learned new digital skills, feel like back at the university, going through a new phase of personal development, and being a part of a community of like-minded people where the most important call is being authentic and vulnerable. We doctors love this stuff.  

So, not only you can treat your doctor burnout, but you can also fundamentally change your life (and the lives of others). I would like to invite you to find out more about the digital economy and how you can fulfil your willingness to serve the people and the community by sorting out your life at the same time.

Do you know Einstein’s definition of sanity? “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Therefore, the only way to deal with doctor burnout is to change. To acquire new skills and enter the world where the computers can do the hard work for you.

There are two types of people at this point. One is going take the proverbial blue pill, go back to the daily grind that led to the burnout and will forget about everything they have read here. While the other is going to take the red pill, open their eyes to what is possible out there and realise their true potential in becoming a Happy Doctor.  

Happier doctors, happier society  

So, If you are interested in what I’m talking about, click the link below which takes you to my website. There you can subscribe to a 7-day video series explaining the digital economy.

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With best wishes,
Dr Bela Horvath
Dermatologist & Cosmetic Doctor
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