Have you heard about disruptive technologies? Like Uber and self-driving cars for taxi drivers, Airbnb for the hotel chains, and I could go on and on. Disruptive technology is the innovation that creates a new market, and disrupts an existing market, displacing market leaders and products.

What is a disruptive technology of education then?

Before giving you a name, let’s talk about education itself. Why do we need it in the first place?

I am a big advocate of lifelong learning; keeping ourselves at the top of the game, which has become even more difficult recently in a rapidly changing world. Our knowledge and skills can easily become obsolete from one day to the other, and we can find it difficult to give value to the world, so earn an income. Education is about purchasing new knowledge and skills, which makes you a “person of value” so that you can give value to people or organizations, and get paid in return.

Future-proof yourself

It is so difficult to tell what knowledge and skill set won’t be obsolete for sure in the near future. There are couple of things to consider here though. Whatever your choice is, you have to be passionate about it, otherwise, you will be bored, unhappy and unfulfilled soon. Furthermore, your educational choice should make you able to work on something bigger than you, such us changing peoples’ lives for the better, help the starving, equip the poor, or whatever is important for you, since doing so gives you the real satisfaction and fulfilment in life, and keeps you motivated and passionate.

The ultimate skill set

There are many things out there worth learning and doing. The last thing I learnt 6 years ago, which has completely changed my life is facial aesthetics on top of my dermatology speciality. It is a form of art, making my patients face more beautiful, and satisfying to do as well. However, I still had a couple of issues with my work-life balance. Two things namely: 1, when I don’t work, I don’t earn; 2, if I want to earn more money, I need to see more patients. So, practically, I give up my time for money. There has to be more in life than doing that.
So, I am back in education mode again.

What skill set I have chosen this time?

So, I was looking for something:
Future-proof (won’t go out of fashion in the foreseeable future)
Can be automated (so I can earn an income independently; whether I am working or not)
Scalable (if I want to earn more, I don’t need to work more, only upscale my revenue streams)
I can leverage the power of computers, so I can make the new technology work for me
– I want to have fun, and make friends along the way

Based on all this, I have chosen to learn affiliate marketing, and everything comes with it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the knowledge and skill set of selling other peoples’ products on the internet for commission as high as $8,000 after one sale. To be able to do so, one has to learn how the digital economy works, how to communicate with people effectively, how to become a leader and “person of value”. You can choose products around your passion and values, and once the process has been set up, it works for you 24/7/365. Isn’t it amazing? What do you think; for how long will the internet be around, and people selling and buying on it?

Classrooms are out-dated

Nobody has the time to travel to a place of education in our fast-paced world anymore, but we don’t need to. The technology allows us to watch live training, and masterminds in real time from the comfort of our home, interact, ask and chat. If you are not there, you can watch the recording later; easy and convenient.

Failure and mentorship

I will never ever forget the first year as a newbie in facial aesthetics when I had to inject my private patients’ face, who had the highest expectations regarding the outcome. There was no place for failure. If there is no place for failure, you play safe, and if you play safe, your progress slows down significantly. Maybe it was the right approach in medicine, but it doesn’t need to be like that everywhere else. In my new field, I literary push myself for failure, because it means that I am stretching my boundaries, and doing so, I learn the most. The other way of reducing failure, and making your learning experience smoother is mentoring which is a great asset of the institution I am talking about.

And what about the tuition fees?

My son, who is a student at the Aston University pays £9,500 tuition fee per year (plus accommodation) for his degree in computing (which is not a bad choice for the future…), which means it will cost him a total of £28,500+ to have that degree. At the Digital Experts Academy though, you don’t need to wait three or more years to start using your new skills, moreover, the earlier you start, the more intensive and effective your learning becomes, and the beauty of it: you start earning an income immediately. So you earn as you learn!

There are different levels of membership at Digital Experts Academy; from free to DEA Black level, which is the highest with the most value. Obviously, the value that you can take out of DEA is proportionate with your membership level, BUT even at the FREE level, learning modules, access to automated revenue systems and mentoring is available.
I am a DEA BLACK partner, or student if you like, so I have access to one-to-one mentoring and masterminds with experts, and the highest performers of the certain fields on top of the curriculum, which covers the whole spectrum of the digital economy. I paid $29,000 tuition fee (for BLACK membership) which is less than my son’s, and I have already started to earn an income.

Make friends and have fun

Money and skills aside, what I feel the biggest asset of my journey with Digital Experts Academy is the community of like-minded people. All of us working hard to become a better person, to be able to give more value back to the community, change peoples’ lives, and help each other along the way. We share our success stories and failures alike; we make friends and have fun along the way.

Is there a better way to learn something new and change your life forever?

Learn about the Digital Economy

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Experience Digital Experts Academy from inside

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