This is the most important message a Medical Doctor can deliver, ever. End of the year is a good time to stop for a minute and think about where we are coming from and where we are going to, what our achievements are and what to improve.

Do you know Einstein’s definition of insanity?

It is “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”
So, if you are unhappy with anything in your life a New Year’s Resolution is a good vehicle to make a difference.

What should you include?
Let me give you a list of HIGH PRIORITIES. If you need to improve any of these, pick one from this list.

  1. If you SMOKE, use your New Year’s Resolution for quitting. Smoking is the single worst thing anybody can do to themselves and others; it is harmful to every single cell in your body!
  2. Your DIET. Do you follow the Mediterranean Diet? If not sure, find out more about it, but cut sugar and add more fibre, seafood and fresh vegetables for sure.
  3. Your WEIGHT. If you carry some extra stones, drop them. The best way to lose weight is the Ketogenic Diet. Find out more about it.
  4. If you DRINK ALCOHOL every day and more than 1-2 units a day, you should reconsider it. There have to be 1-2 alcohol-free days per week.
  5. EXERCISE: do you exercise 3 times a week when your heart and lungs pop out from your chest? Exercise is important for your body and character too.
  6. ME-TIME: anything that helps you relaxing; reading, meditation, a new hobby, anything you like.

Your New Year’s Resolution can involve a new skill set as well, like learning how to take beautiful photographs, how to cook or how to shoot and edit videos.

How to make a powerful New Year’s Resolution?

  1. 90 DAYS: it takes 90 days to change a habit or establish a new one. So you need to set a frame of 90 days! If it is at any other time of the year – other than January – it is called a 90 Day Challenge. It is definitely a challenge, outside your comfort zone for 90 days J
  2. Clear RECORD: you need to define your goals clearly, such asI am going to the gym 3 times a week.” or “I am going to make fresh organic green juice 4 times a week.” or “I am going to lose a stone by changing to the Mediterranean Diet”.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: you need to find a person who keeps you accountable for your progress and keeps an eye on you.
  4. EVIDENCE: you should share evidence of your progress, such as pictures in the gym or on your healthy dishes daily or weekly.
  5. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: to be successful in your challenge you might need to find some new friends, who invite you to the gym instead of the pub or for a run instead of eating the fifth cake today…
  6. ONLY 1 or 2: don’t pick more than 1 or two challenges; believe me, it will be enough to complete.
  7. PAINFUL PLEDGE: we need a painful pledge to keep us on track, otherwise we could fail easily. It can be for example £500 for your ex-partner that she/he MUST spend on their current partner if you fail with your goal(s) maximum 3 times during the 90 days! Would it be painful? Would it keep you on track?

My New Year’s Resolution for 2018

My New Year’s Resolution is changing the lives of 100 people in 2018. It is neither saving their lives at my mole clinic nor making them more beautiful as a Cosmetic Doctor. I mean only those people who will be grateful to me showing them another way of living towards the THREE FREEDOMS: time, geographical and financial. It is not only about money or business, it is about personal development, journey that you really enjoy and being paid for who you really are. It is about vulnerability and ‘not caring about what others think’: this is the fourth freedom by the way. So, I really mean changing lives.

This is how my life has been changed and this is how Karen’s life changed too. Watch this interview with Karen and find out how she is doing now after experiencing several real-life jobs. (If you are short on time, jump to 31:15min)

If you want to find out more what I am talking about subscribe to the 7 Day Video Series which is about the financial and business fundamentals. I still recommend you to watch the interview with Karen to find out about the community and personal development aspects, which might be more important for you.

If you want to chat about it directly with me, click on this link and book a suitable time for both of us; I will be more than happy to chat with you.

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,