This is the content I really want to talk about, BUT for you to understand my point, the Part One is essential. So, if you haven’t read it and haven’t watched the video series yet, please complete that bit, otherwise the following won’t make any sense to you…

* * *

Now that you have watched the video series, you have an idea about the online space, how it works, and what opportunities it has in store for those who dare to dream and willing to work for that, whatever it takes. The journey that matters!

By now, you know and understand the big picture: 

1. There is the SFM, the Six Figure Mentors, which is founded by two successful internet entrepreneurs, Jay and Stu. They reverse-engineered their success and made a model from it – as I explained in Part One. SFM is a readymade online platform you can join and use it to earn while you learn. SFM is a community of like-minded peers who pledged to follow their dreams, who are willing to learn, challenge themselves, do, make mistakes, and teach. 
2. There is the DEA, the Digital Experts Academy. It is a comprehensive educational platform that mentors and serves as a community to different people pursuing their dreams. Imagine going to the University again…

…and what you don’t see:

You don’t see it because it cannot be shown. It can only be experienced! It is the spirit of helping each other, the spirit of vulnerability, the spirit of being you, and the spirit of our individual stories. The medium where seeds of passion and individual talent can flourish; the journey itself.Why is it important? At times you become intrigued by a good idea and when you share it with someone near you, your partner, your parents, or your best friend, you get a short reply of discouragement: “Forget about it! If it was a good idea, others would have done it by now…” and so on and so forth. Even better, if others have done it successfully and you just need to follow their steps, they say: “It doesn’t prove anything, that they have done it…
In the SFM community, we encourage each other in every way possible. If you are stuck at any stage in your journey, you can reach out to the community and someone will help. This is an unprecedented feeling and experience for me. Imagine a big family where every member pursues the same goal; that is, becoming the best version of themselves and they know that they can rely on each other. 

The most brilliant antidote for being human

We humans can get very easily excited about ideas that we know would be beneficial to us. Our excitement lasts for a few days and then dies out. For example, if one needs to lose weight, one starts a diet and gym, driven by willpower. Then after a few days, they come up with different excuses why they cannot go to the gym today or why it is no problem eating just only one bit of that sugary stuff. We cannot have both at the same time: results and excuses.
This is what happens most of the time because we are humans and we function as such. This is the reason why only a few can become successful because only a few have the power/motivation/support to persevere and carry on with their dreams and finally succeed.

…and here comes a brilliant idea from the community: the 90-day challenge with a painful pledge.

Once you know your goals, you can start planning how to accomplish them based on the current stage of your journey. If you are unsure what steps are the most important for you now, you can reach out to the community and ask for help, as I have done.
There are three areas of the challenge because it is one of the basic values of SFM to have work-life balance. Without good health, nothing else matters and, similarly, without personal fulfillment, no business goals can truly be achieved. So the challenge has three categories: health, business, and personal. Within each category, there are certain commitments you must complete, although the challenge is voluntary. Once you have your list, you announce and publish it to the whole community.

How do you prevent failure and coming up with excuses?

We are humans and we give up after a while. How can we prevent it and reach the 90-day target, which is enough time to form a new habit?
Here comes the painful pledge. You pledge an amount of money that is painful for you to lose. If you fail any of the commitments anytime during the 90 days, you must confess it to the community, pay the money to a charity or to your ex-partner (to spend it on a present for their current partner), and post the proof of transfer. This is what prevents you from giving up! And it works amazingly.

This painful pledge is like magic. It keeps you on track. You will be surprised how you complete your commitments and all of a sudden you find yourself on a journey that we call success and which will lead to your goals.

Here are my 90-day challenge commitments and pledges.

If you believe that you are that kind of person who has dreams and want to get the professional and human support of an amazing community, then submit your application here with a 30-day money back guarantee and check it out yourself. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to connect with me.

Dr. Bela

PS: these two blog posts are part of my business commitments, otherwise I am too busy with my practice to write.