We can define success in many different ways: money, power, fulfillment, happiness; you name it. Whatever it is for you, the proper constellation of few different things is needed to be successful in life. The biggest question is, what are these circumstances?

Let’s start with a fundamental statement, which is important to agree on.
First of all, the current quality of your life is the best that you can achieve with your existing mindset and skills. If you want a better life, you need to change and improve. If we agree on this, we can keep going. If not, this article is not for you.

At this point, I want a better life and I understand that I need to change, but change what?
This simple word here; the ’what’ covers quite a few things. You need to change your mindset and your perception of the world first. You need to change your skill set too, acquiring skills that can lead to success in many ways.

An important aspect of success: it is a journey, not an end result.
This journey takes you out of your comfort zone for sure, with some steep hikes and sharp falls. But we know that journeys to success are like that. Since you are working on a new mindset and skill set, you are likened to a toddler making his first steps on the journey towards the inevitable success we call walking.
Since toddlers are 100% certain that they are going to walk, you can be 100% certain about your success if you follow the proven steps, do not give up, and stand up as toddlers do and keep going.

Ok, I understand all this, but what are the proven steps?
This question leads to another fundamental statement: if anybody can do anything, and we make a model how they do it, and we give this model to someone else, they will be able to do the same. Obviously, this is the fundamental aspect of any educational system.

All right, but what skill sets do I need to learn to be successful?
We can choose different traditional skills, such as being a doctor like me, a solicitor, an IT specialist, a teacher, and so on, but which of these skills yields a rewarding journey that we can call success?
Sometimes it is very difficult to find a job even for well-educated people. Or if you have a job you can easily be replaced with cheaper labor or more efficient technology, as it is predicted by experts. 30-40% of jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence by 2025. By the way, according to Forbes magazine, 70% of employees in the USA hate their job anyway.
The other problem is that the wages are inflated over time. We earn less and less, so it is more and more difficult to keep up with the cost of living and save for our retirement at the same time. As an example, the average American household income in 2015 was 43% less than the one in 1990, which is a significant difference.

So having known all this, what can I do?
Beat the trend! Take advantage of the technology that threatens others’ jobs, which wasn’t available for the generation of our parents. Explore the online world. At this point, I consciously DO NOT write the phrase ‘Build your online business’ because it might be frightening for you; building a business sounds technical and complicated.

Instead, if you are at a point in your life where you are looking for opportunities, you are stuck, bored or burnt out, I would just recommend that you open your mind and explore the opportunities of the internet world. There you can easily reach millions of people 24/7 since the internet never sleeps, and is independent of whether you have your own products or not (yet). And MOST IMPORTANTLY, explore opportunities based on what you are (or can be) passionate about; whatever it is. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have any knowledge or skills to start with because you can learn whatever you need.

I BELIEVE that anybody who is passionate about anything (health, exercise, music, fashion, food, whatever you are interested in) can be successful in the online space, build their own business, and make a living from it. How? This is what you will learn from the very same mentors who helped me start my online business.
If this is something you are interested in, click the link, fill in your details, and you can get started with the free training material immediately.

If you have any questions during or after the training, please connect with me. I will be happy to help, as I got help from others. I want you to be equally grateful to me for opening your eyes to this opportunity, as I am grateful to my mentors.

Have an exciting journey!

Dr. Bela

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