What is success? Success is the result of the value one gives to the community.
The more you give, the more you get. The more you get, the more successful you are.
I always ask myself: ’What can I give that makes someone happy or solves someone’s problem?’ I believe this is the key attitude to successes.

My first success

On November 25th, 2004 – one of the very few days I clearly remember – I was sitting in front of a computer at the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest typing in a discharge letter for one of my patients when an idea popped into my mind. I loved working there, but to the disappointment of my boss, I handed in my resignation the next month.
The following February, I founded a company called MelanomaMobil for skin cancer screening based on the unique know-how I had developed based on six years’ experience working with skin cancer patients. Good projects attract good people and soon, I was working together with some other doctors, friends and professional business men.
To cut a long story short, after 12 years, we have performed more than 70,000 screenings for 36,000+ patients and we have saved hundreds of lives. Now we have 10+ clinic locations and satisfied patients. I’m very proud of that and grateful for being able to serve the community and work with so many amazing people.

My second success

In 2010, I moved to London with my family with the aim of establishing the MelanomaMobil screening method here, too. We came without knowing anybody and anything about London, but driven by a great entrepreneurial motivation to save lives here as well.
Starting a business from scratch is never easy, but starting one in a completely foreign and unknown environment is even more difficult. I persevered against all difficulties and I have found a new passion too: facial aesthetics. This is a little bit closer to art than medicine. It is scientific artistry itself. The empowerment that I can give to my patients in form of an improved look is phenomenal and furthermore, the delivery of the procedures takes me out of time and space, straight into flow. Mainly with dermal fillers, I bite my thumb at ageing so I can bring back the youthful, more attractive look from a sagging, down turning face that radiates sadness and tiredness from the signs of ageing. Looking better for someone’s age is a huge value both in one’s private life and career.
In four years’ time, I have built up a successful aesthetic practice at The Park Club MediSpa, where I am the resident dermatologist and cosmetic doctor and am enjoying the trust and family-like relationship with my patients. I am so grateful for this.

The opportunity

After building up two successful businesses with persistent work, now I see a new opportunity that can leverage my existing businesses and opens up an even bigger space for value creation, and as we know, success and money is the result of the value we give to people.
It has been only few months since I worked on this new venture, but it has already made a positive impact on me as a person and on my businesses, as well through my newly gained skills.
Instead of going into details and trying to introduce you to this opportunity, I invite you to go through the same seven-day video series I have gone through. By the end, you will understand what it is, and you will be in an informed position to make your decision whether it is for you or not.
If at any time during the seven days or on the seventh day when you make your decision, you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am a few months ahead of you with a better understanding and a better view of the big picture, so I will be happy to assist you further.